Guido Sonnemann
Full Professor, Group Lead
Guido Sonnemann is the director of the CyVi Group and full professor at the University of Bordeaux. Guido has expertise in the areas of chemical engineering and sustainable production, and has written many articles and books on the methodologies and applications of life-cycle assessment, environmental impact assessment and risk assessment used to evaluate and promote sustainable economies.
Philippe Garrigues
Research Director
Philippe is the research director at the French National Center for Scientific Research, Centre National de la Recherche scientifique, current Editor-in-chief: Environmental Science and Pollution Research and former Head of the Institute of Molecular Sciences at the University of Bordeaux, France.
Philippe Loubet
Assistant Professor
Philippe is teaching life cycle assessment, process engineering, numerical computing and analytical chemistry to engineering students. His research activities within the CyVi group are mainly focusing on the development of methodologies and the application of LCA to green chemistry and processes.
Dieuwertje Schrijvers
Dieuwertje obtained her PhD in 2017 in the Cyvi-group. The objective of her PhD was to identify a consistent approach to model recycling in LCA. She enhanced existing allocation procedures, by testing the procedures on diverging case studies on recycling of plastics and rare earth elements established in collaboration with company Solvay. Dieuwertje is staying in the Cyvi-group as a post-doctoral researcher and will continue working on the modeling of primary and secondary materials in LCA, considering, among others, the criticality of raw materials.
Dimitra Ioannidou
Dimitra's project aims to provide a general framework and to develop an indicator for a holistic assessment of construction resources that can be used in Life Cycle Assessment. A main part of this project focuses on the criticality of construction resources. Her PhD at ETH Zurich dealt with sustainability aspects of the use of stone in construction. Her background is in civil engineering, with a Diploma from the National Technical University of Athens and a Master in Construction Management from Stanford.
Edis Glogic
3rd-Year PhD Candidate
Edis works on development of new methods for sustainability assessment of industrial materials. He is currently working on assessment of several materials used in energy storage and generation technologies. Current cases include recycling of manganese-alkaline batteries, production and scaling of organic photovoltaic systems, and production and application of supercapacitors based on graphene/metal-oxide hybrid materials. Assessment is conducted from life cycle assessment and circular economy perspective.
Thibaut Maury
2nd-Year PhD Candidate
Thibaut focuses on life cycle assessment in Space Industry with an Airbus Defense & Space partnership (“Convention CIFRE”) about the consideration of space debris. He graduated from the University of Technology of Compiègne (2015) with a Process Engineering MSc, and a specialization on Thermal Energy Systems.
Amélie Thévenot
2nd-Year PhD Candidate
Amelie focuses on coupling material flows analysis and input-output tables. She is working with BRGM, the French Geological Survey to develop innovative processes for resource management. The aim of her thesis is to couple different methods to acquire knowledge about flows of basic metals in an economy (copper, aluminum, iron) and also precious metals (tungsten, dysprosium).
Alice Micolier
2nd-Year PhD Candidate
Alice is developing a multi-criteria decision making tool in order to help the various actors in designing buildings in early phases. One focus will be the integration of the indoor air quality in a life-cycle approach. She has a Civil Engineering MSc (INSA de LYON) since 2016 with a specialization on energy performance.
Javier Babi Almenar
2nd-Year PhD Candidate
Javier is studying the role that Nature-based Solutions (NBS) could have in the enhancement of urban sustainability and resilience. Currently, he is developing a tool to assess the benefits and costs derived from NBS, which integrates a life-cycle assessment approach. His research is developed inside the Horizon 2020 project Nature4Cities and supervised by CyVi group, PLANES (University of Trento), and Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology.
Marc Jourdaine
1st-Year PhD Candidate
The goal of Marc's research is to provide an approach and a methodology for assessing the environnemental and economic performance of vineyards in a single and automated tool. The PhD is conducted under the supervision of CyVi group, the Institute IRGO and in partnership with the enterprise Ertus Group, that will develop the IT solution.
Jair Santillan Saldivar
1st-Year PhD Candidate
Jair's research aims to extend the scope of assessing the substitution and recycling potentials to cover functional materials used in healthcare services. The proposed assessment will be conducted in an integrated way by evaluating criticality and environmental sustainability considerations jointly using life cycle assessment. His thesis is being developed in the framework of IdEx-Bordeaux (The University of Bordeaux Initiative of Excellence) under the supervision of The CyVi Group and the University of Waterloo.