On this last morning of the AMIR, Panorama and RedLed Summer School 8 AMIR M2 students presented the preliminary results of their master thesis. Congratulations to all the students for their great presentations! Thank you also to the jury for joining us in this session. https://t.co/fgWwzSlZFo cyvigroup photo

On this 3rd morning of the Summer School, students were able to work in the Serious Game developed by the @cyvigroup. In this activity, students were divided into groups and asked to secure the production of different products in a market reliant on materials with limited supply. https://t.co/uVgARiS5t1 cyvigroup photo

Today was the 2nd day of the AMIR, @PanoramaProj and RedLed Summer School. It was a day full of very interesting presentations. Thank you to all the presenters that joined us!

#AMIRSummerSchool #CyViLand https://t.co/FRuWtOwCti
cyvigroup photo

1st day of AMIR, @PanoramaProj and RedLed Summer School organized by the @cyvigroup! This year it is an hydrid event with 12 students in-person at @ISM_Bordeaux, and 27 online. https://t.co/Dwrcze1qME cyvigroup photo

The marketing analysis by @ENEAOfficial looks promising. @cyvigroup group is busily organising our 2nd round table, and @Univ_Lorraine is coordinating the publication of the results of our project in a book📔. We are on fire! 🔥