Last week, the CyVi group added another published article to the list. The article is titled “An axiomatic method for goal‑dependent allocation in life cycle assessment” and aims to make a contribution to better informed, more reproducible, and transparent allocation in LCA.

In the #CyViGroup we are very glad that we can be part of this great project!

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EIT RawMaterials 🇪🇺 @EITRawMaterials
European project HiQ-CARB will be a stepping stone for sustainable #batteries! 🔋

HiQ-CARB develops new carbons with a superior performance and a low carbon footprint for future #greenbatteries in Europe. #EITRawMaterialsProject

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Last CyVi group meeting with our postdoc Jair Santillán Saldivar! We wish him the best in his new adventure with @CEALiten and @BRGM_fr

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Interested in learning more about research topics that connect Bordeaux and Latin America? Join us at the round table on June 3!

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This week the #CyViGroup is taking part in the 15th conference on society and materials (SAM-15).

Guido Sonnemann, head of the group, will lead the chair on the session on sustainable mobility and sustainable cities.