Happy New Year everyone! We’re happy to share with you that our working group on “LCA in Higher Education” published a new #openaccess #paper on “Teaching life cycle assessment in higher education” in the International Journal of LCA: https://t.co/7yciAXfPAv #lca #teaching

The first @INCO_Piles round table was such a success 👏👏Thank you @EITRawMaterials and Fabio Ferri for your support! and Warm thanks to all participants. Hope we gather next year for our second round table from different parts of the world! https://t.co/mFWYzbNVT2 cyvigroup photo

Ce matin, soutenance de thèse de M. Jourdaine du @cyvigroup - @univbordeaux.
"Mise en place d'une comptabilité analytique environnementale : application au cas viti-vinicole" #VinBordeaux https://t.co/K6AONDMcTJ
cyvigroup photo